11 Essentials for Self-Harm Recovery: Helping Children & Teens Reclaim Their Lives with Tony L. Sheppard


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11 Essentials for Self-Harm Recovery: Helping Children & Teens Reclaim Their Lives with Tony L. Sheppard

11 Essentials for Self-Harm Recovery download

  • How does it differ from suicide?
  • Do I have to report it?
  • What do I tell parents?
  • What is the role of the school?
  • Does social media hurt or help?
  • Is hospitalization required for kids to improve?

In this recording, Dr. Tony Sheppard answers these questions and more as he guides you through a multisystemic approach to assessment and treatment of non-suicidal self-injury. This recording focuses not only on risk assessment, but also provides a practical guide to working effectively with clients — covering simple assessment and management of self-injury as well as more significant care, such as residential treatment and management of multiple self-harm behaviors. Several interventions will be examined in-depth, including motivational interviewing; cognitive treatment; replacement skills; and adjunctive family, group, and psychiatric therapies.

Throughout the recording, we will investigate the underlying motivations behind self-harm behaviors, identifying complications related to trauma and/or body image issues. By the end of the recording, you will feel confident in your ability to match interventions to individual clients (stepping up or increasing treatment as necessary), while preventing and responding to potential treatment pitfalls and legal/ethical issues.

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