2000 Books – 2X Mental Toughness


2000 Books – 2X Mental Toughness


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2000 Books – 2X Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness is the single biggest indicator of success in every endeavor. Some people call it Persistence, some call it Grit, some call it Mental Strength, some call it Perseverance, but no matter how you cut it, this is the single most important success skill you can develop in your life.

In this 90 day course, you will learn and take action on one mental toughness idea every single day. And each idea comes from a great book.

  • 40 Books SummarizedAll the ideas come from the greatest books written on the topic of building mental strength. By the end of this course, you will have absorbed 40 great books and taken action on them.
  • Daily Knowledge + Action => Compound EffectYou learn and take action on 1 new idea every single day. The learning doesn’t just add up over time …. it compounds. 2% improvement every single day over 90 days doesn’t lead to 180% improvement. When compounded it leads to 724% improvement over the same period!
  • 250 Hours of Reading compressed into quick videosYou can spend 250 hours reading these books or absorb the keys ideas with our quick daily videos. Reading these books over 90 days would require you to dedicated 2-3 hrs of reading per day!
  • 10+ Hrs of Video content over 90 daysYou get a 5-10 minute video every single day for 90 days. That is over 10+ hrs of video content over 90 days!
  • Clickable Mind Maps for big picture+detailsEvery book is broken down into clickable mindmaps. Looking for an important idea in a book? You can quickly zoom in and get to that idea. Or zoom out and get a big picture perspective on the book. Zoom in and out of any idea and it’s sub-ideas by clicking on them.
  • Early Adopters DiscountThe course goes live on August 15, 2016, but as Early Adopters, you are getting a tremendous discount on the full price of $99.


  • Why Resilience is not a gift but a muscle that can be developed
  • 1 technique to develop your self image so that you do not sabotage your own goals
  • 3 techniques to get the best out of yourself in High pressure situations
  • 3 techniques to turn the obstacle in front of you to your advantage
  • The difference between using optimism the wrong way and right way
  • The equation that relates suffering and meaning
  • The paradoxical power of accepting our weaknesses and limitations
  • 3 techniques to develop the strength to handle painful rejections and still go after your dreams
  • 1 Daily exercise to awaken the automatic success mechanism within you
  • 2 exercises to nurture that “winning feeling” that is essential to your ability to be able to persist in face of all odds
  • The 1 thing you MUST do right before any high pressure situation
  • 5 strategies to grow your willpower
  • The 2 missing components in “regular” optimism and how to super charge it
  • Why thinking about this 1 specific scenario liberates you to go after your biggest dreams
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