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7 Figure Marketing Copy Guide

The Power of Copy & Persuasion
PreviewNot Your Average Introduction – Start Here
StartPrintable PDF Download of Book
PreviewWhy Methods First? – Practice before you preach…
StartThe ‘A’s of Influence” – The Foundation of Successful Sales, Marketing & Copywriting is Understanding the Craft of Persuasion
Start— The A’s of Influence: “Fan Their Flames”
Start— The A’s of Influence: “Forgive Their Faults”
Start— The A’s of Influence: “Defeat Their Demons”
Start— The A’s of Influence: “Attack Their Enemies”
StartSean’s “Contrarian Copy Structure” High Converting Long Form Copywriting Outline – Powerful Strategy for creating VSL’s, Webinars, Emails, & Advertisements
StartThe Imitation Game Part 1 – Learn How to Quickly Craft Engaging Copy by Harnessing the Structure of Trending Content
StartThe Imitation Game Part 2 – Advertising: How to Find & Break Down High Converting, Fresh Ad Copy So You Can Distill What Makes it Work Into Your Own Ads
StartAmazon R&D – Leverage the Power of The Powerful Yet “Overlooked” Part of Best Seller Books In Your Niche
StartCognitive Manipulation: Controversial Yet Impossible to Ignore: How To Ethically Harness The Built In Bias’ of Your Reader to Increase Sales
StartCraft Your Key Points With Community Arbitrage
StartTried & True Copy Formulas + Word That Convert Reference
StartTeach, Transform, Transact – Teach a Man to Fish & You Can Sell Him Fishing Gear
StartThe Hero’s Journey – Unlocking The Power of Stories In Your Marketing
Start— The Hero’s Journey Pt. 1 – From The Ordinary World to Meeting The Mentor
Start— The Hero’s Journey Pt. 2 – From Crossing the Threshold to Approaching The Dragons Den [coming soon!]
Start— The Hero’s Journey Pt. 3 – From The Ordeal to The Return [coming soon!]
StartDefine Your Brand & Audience Using Archetypes [coming soon]

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