Alessio Rastani – Ultimate Guide Technical Trading



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Alessio Rastani – Ultimate Guide Technical Trading

The Ultimate Guide to Technical Trading
(includes DVD and on-demand link)
Learn the most powerful signal in technical analysis.
How to know when market makers are deliberately planning a trap for you.
The correct way to apply advanced Fibonacci.
Using pulse signals and trend bars J Using early signals
Exit the markets while others wait to get burned.
How to know from the chart when you should NEVER place a trade.

How to find invisible levels of support and resistance
using my excel calculator and 3 pieces of online data.
Beyond technical analysis — Signals that NO chart or indicator can tell you.
Take your trading to the next level.

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What others have said about the Ultimate Guide to Technical Trading Course:
“The Ultimate Trading seminar was excellent and the concepts presented were practical and made sense. Thank you so much for your ongoing trading wisdom and insights. / follow them religiously.” Dilip T.
“Excellent as usual. Very informative, especially the last 15 minutes.” Cliff M.
‘7 can’t think about else but absolutely positive feedback. Risk management, early detection of trend before it already move, useful tools and trading concepts are just some of the key stuff to take away.” Nikola D.
“It was without doubt a superbly taught class. The skills taught were very valuable and of real world use without the usual fluff or nonsense you get from other course providers. You really learn from one of the best when you attend one of your classes Alessio and it is good that you keep it great value, so as to try and help as many people as possible.” Gary B.
“lam very pleased with your ultimate technical trading class. In particular I like how you have taught me a mindset for avoiding big risks.” Paolo C.
7 found the class to be extremely helpful and an amazing value for the price. I have started employing these techniques and it has already been

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