Hugo Alberts – Positive Relationships Masterclass


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Hugo Alberts – Positive Relationships Masterclass

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Christopher Peterson, one of positive psychology’s most prestigious researchers and promoters, famously said:

 “Other People Matter.”

 With this quote, Peterson powerfully summarized decades of wellbeing research showing that the key contributing factor to personal happiness is the social relationships we build.

Also, social relationships are an invaluable resource in difficult times. Research has consistently shown that having a positive, supportive network is one of the essential characteristics of resilient people

In this masterclass, you will learn the key principles of relationships that promote human flourishing and gain access to hands-on tools to help your clients discover and invest in social bonds that matter. 

The Positive Relationships Masterclass is an online, fully- comprehensive, science-backed, six-module professional development package created especially for practitioners.

It includes:

  • All instruction materials across a variety of formats e.g. instruction handbooks and workbooks; 23 video lessons; PowerPoint presentations and more
  • The right to use the Positive Relationships Masterclass materials and content under your own brand (we’ve done the work for you)
  • Train-the-Trainer instructions that will help you to effectively deliver the presentations in this masterclass yourself.


 Learn how to help others build positive relationships and tap into the no. 1 contributing factor to personal happiness

 Implement practical science-based exercises for groups and individuals knowing that your methods are always backed up by science in order to have maximum impact in the lives of those you serve

 Easily design and deliver a client coaching, development, or therapy program aimed at improving relationships so that you can help people at scale to build supportive relationships

 Discover, learn, teach, and apply the Six Pillars of Positive Relationships; a framework you can master and inspire others with that increases chances of lasting behavioral change

✓ Add a powerful new coaching tool to your professional arsenal so that you can better help clients struggling with personal relationships and help them live a more meaningful and fulfilling life

✓ Save hours of research and prep time, designing documents and presentations, including academic citations; we have done all of that for you

✓  Increase your expertise and become a sought-after practitioner with this unique set of tools at your disposal


MODULE 1  Positive Psychology 2.0

This module introduces the foundations of positive psychology which is at the heart of positive relationships. Building on this, you will gain the confidence to teach and apply positive psychology in a holistic and balanced way.

MODULE 2  Social Relationships

In this module, you will learn the key aspects of positive relationships and explore science-based ways to categorize the different types of positive network members.

MODULE 3  Attention

In this module, we explore the importance of paying sufficient attention to our social network. By doing so, we can build what scholars refer to as “social capital”.

MODULE 4  Beliefs

Above and beyond the characteristics of a social network, research findings stress the importance of considering people’s beliefs of their social network, which is the focus of this module.

MODULE 5  Motivation

Why are people motivated to invest in social relationships, both positive and negative ones? In this module, we address the motivation for relational commitment.

MODULE 6  Management

In this module, we address essential relationship management skills that have been proven to build and maintain positive relationships.

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